04//08//2018 – Real friends, Taylor swift & Freedom.

It’s been a while since writing a diary entry, I thought I would give an update on everything I can think of that would be interesting to read, although that wouldn’t be a lot. I know for months all I’ve spoken about is how much I miss my best friend and in practically all blog… Continue reading 04//08//2018 – Real friends, Taylor swift & Freedom.


Loneliness, Panic attacks & Chances.

Writing about feeling alone is something I never thought I would do simply because I believed that if I have a group of friends that I adore to pieces I would always have someone to talk to but being an adult sucks. Growing up and becoming the person you are supposed to be is a… Continue reading Loneliness, Panic attacks & Chances.

18//03//2018 – Emptiness, love & chat.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and wrote about what has been going on. There has been a lot, if you have read the previous diary entry then you’ll know I had a relapse. The relapse set me back a lot, however somehow I feel like it was needed to put everything back… Continue reading 18//03//2018 – Emptiness, love & chat.

26//02/2018 – Lost, relapse & hope.

This blog post is about Eating disorder relapse, including details, personal triggers and just my experience. The past week or so has been the worst I’ve felt in a while. I should’ve saw the warning signs. Warning signs of an eating disorder relapse which I haven’t experienced in over a year. Having an eating disorder… Continue reading 26//02/2018 – Lost, relapse & hope.

Youtube creators.

Everyday YouTube is a routine that has become a part of our lives. All youtubers are different with the content they create. Thousands and thousands of youtubers create content, we all watch different people for different reasons. There is going to be a time where you want to watch more but you don’t know who… Continue reading Youtube creators.

17//01//2018 – Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

  17//01//2018. – Exploring, thoughts & mental health. KatieKee for the past month has been nearly completely inactive, this isn’t because I wasn’t sure what to write or I wasn’t happy with the way the blog is being received and how it was being presented. My mental health over the past few weeks has been… Continue reading 17//01//2018 – Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

Christmas 2017.

It’s January, which means Christmas has been and gone for 2017. Hopefully you all had a relaxing break with your loved ones. Over the Christmas period I received some Christmas presents from friends and family. This post is going to be what I got for Christmas. Considering I’m 19 years old and I’m really not… Continue reading Christmas 2017.

“traditional” blogger?.. No.

Traditional (Synonyms): Conventional, accepted, orthodox, standard & normal. These are words that people stick by when doing something new. They follow the guidelines in hope to get somewhere. When you want to be like someone you tend to follow in their footsteps in hope to achieve similar things in which they did. I look through… Continue reading “traditional” blogger?.. No.

Spotify playlist July

This is a complete mixture of different artists; some are well known, others not so much. These are songs that are relatable at this time in my life. Old friends – Jasmine Thompson. These days (Feat Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen) Someone somebody – Jasmine Thompson Fix Me – Jasmine Thompson I’ll be there… Continue reading Spotify playlist July

Favourite Youngblood lyrics. (5 Seconds of summer)

Youngblood. “Remember the words you told me Love me ‘til the day I die Surrender my everything ‘cause you made me believe you’re mind.” Want you back. “You know even when I say I moved on You know even though I know that you’re gone All I think about is where I went wrong.” Lie… Continue reading Favourite Youngblood lyrics. (5 Seconds of summer)

Letter to younger self

Katie, You might think you have it all; loving parents, supportive family & friends, somewhere to live and an education. Life isn’t simple there is going to be a time in your life where you lose the people who you thought were there for you throughout everything, and you know what? That’s okay. It’s for the… Continue reading Letter to younger self