18//03//2018 – Emptiness, love & chat.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and wrote about what has been going on. There has been a lot, if you have read the previous diary entry then you’ll know I had a relapse. The relapse set me back a lot, however somehow I feel like it was needed to put everything back… Continue reading 18//03//2018 – Emptiness, love & chat.


26//02/2018 – Lost, relapse & hope.

This blog post is about Eating disorder relapse, including details, personal triggers and just my experience. The past week or so has been the worst I’ve felt in a while. I should’ve saw the warning signs. Warning signs of an eating disorder relapse which I haven’t experienced in over a year. Having an eating disorder… Continue reading 26//02/2018 – Lost, relapse & hope.

Youtube creators.

Everyday YouTube is a routine that has become a part of our lives. All youtubers are different with the content they create. Thousands and thousands of youtubers create content, we all watch different people for different reasons. There is going to be a time where you want to watch more but you don’t know who… Continue reading Youtube creators.

17//01//2018 – Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

  17//01//2018. – Exploring, thoughts & mental health. KatieKee for the past month has been nearly completely inactive, this isn’t because I wasn’t sure what to write or I wasn’t happy with the way the blog is being received and how it was being presented. My mental health over the past few weeks has been… Continue reading 17//01//2018 – Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

Christmas 2017.

It’s January, which means Christmas has been and gone for 2017. Hopefully you all had a relaxing break with your loved ones. Over the Christmas period I received some Christmas presents from friends and family. This post is going to be what I got for Christmas. Considering I’m 19 years old and I’m really not… Continue reading Christmas 2017.


Procrastinate Definition: (Verb) Delay or postpone action; put off doing something. Procrastinating things until ‘tomorrow’ is something we all have done. Whether it is starting an assignment or tidying your room, there are so many things that get delayed until ‘the next day’ but is it ever actually the next day or is it days,… Continue reading Tomorrow..?

‘I love you’?

Love. Everyone says and uses love in different ways from saying that you love an item of clothing, to saying you love your dog, its associated with many different things you can love something or someone too much that it hurts – the feeling when seeing Harry live, that was an emotional night. These are things… Continue reading ‘I love you’?